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What Is Armagern?

Armagern is a free text-based MMORPG set in the future, in which players can choose their alien species in a post armageddon universe and have to fight for dominance, working together to rebuild the four planets ravaged by their ancestors.
Work first began on Armagern in 2007, and it was finally released on November 3rd 2010, and is developed and maintained by The Armagern Team.
Current language versions available are English.
While there are some images throughout the game, the majority of the game is text, hence text-based RPG. While playing the game, you compete, trade, and interact with other players in a struggle to become the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost money to play?
No, Armagern is free to play, and will be forever. You'll never have to pay one penny or cent, and you can play however long as you like. You can, however, choose to make a donation which would unlock extra features in the game and forever label you as a 'Supporter' - to show our respect and appreciation. You are never required nor obligated to donate.

Are there any requirements to play Armagern?
All that you need is a browser with javascript enabled and an internet connection. While we recommend you play using Mozilla Firefox (Free) for quicker loading and increased security, all gameplay is possible in any of the popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc.

I have a question about gameplay. Where do I go?
Answers to many gameplay-related questions can be found in the in-game Library. To get there, log in to your account, click on "Help" in the left navigation bar. If you're unable to find your answer there, you have a number of options.
1. Ask another player for help using the in-game "Cafe" or Mail features..
2. Send the Admin's a message (located at the bottom of any page). From there, you can submit a gameplay-related question, and any available Admin will try to assist you.
3. Go to the Forum (located on the left navigation bar) and click on the Help Board. From there, you can post a question that all members of the game can read and respond to.

Armagern's Game Story:

A long time ago, in the year 2304, the people of Earth discovered the ex-inhabitants of the planet Mars; who had migrated to a safer planet which they named Fyrix. The Fyrion traded knowledges with the Human's and tought them the ways of their species, finally introducing them to the other races that the Fyrion already knew about accross the known universe. They had built a machine that will transport anything long distances (as long as there is another machine at the destination point) which the Zaptunic, Nephirus and Fyrion people used to travel and trade between their planets. The Human's then introduced the Fyrion to currency, before offering them a large amount to have one of the transportation devices built on Earth. After some time all the Fyion, Zaptunic, Nephirus and Human people traded with currency, instead of simply swapping what they saw as equal value. This, mixed with WalM*art's and Star&beyond-Bucks's greed, eventually put most and infact many differant individuals of great power into debt - striking off the first Universal War and then finally... Armageddon
The War lead each Race (The Human, Zaptunic, Nephirus and Fyrion) onto the fine line between survival and extinction, with not alot left for anybody. Now it's the year 3154 and, since the war was last fought on the year 3009, there isn't much point in continuing on with the war.
Many more new comers are signing-up and slowly emerging from their hiding places, sure that the war is over - most not even sure why they fought, and joining together to rebuild what was once their ancestor's home.
Are you up for what it takes to rebuild the planet? Will you be the next conquerer?
Where will your destiny take you?

Legend says that the Zaptunic, Nephirus, and Fyrion people had lived together on one planet, all evolving and competing simultaniously. They had become superior mentally together and chose to separate to differant planets, when their own had reached almost complete destruction...

Armagern Rules:

- One account per person.
- Provide a valid working email when asked at signup.
- Don't abuse this service, no illegal activity, no hacking, no spamming etc.
- No offensive language, messages, usernames, forum posts etc. Hostility within the game is OK, as long as it focuses on in game issues not personal issues, race, sex, religion etc.
- Do not cheat in any way.
- Do not take advantage of any possible bugs.
- No Using scripts, macros or robots of any kind.
- No Account sharing. You cannot login into someone else's account in order to perform any action.
- No Account transferring. You may not take over an old account.
- No Account selling. You may not sell or purchase an old account for ingame or out of game currency.
- All abuse or offences must be reported.
- Generally, behave yourself (I hope you know what it means).
- Have fun and allow other users to have fun too.

Breaking any of the above rules will result in a BAN or a MUTE where seen fit, and in some cases a ban using your IP... so that you may never return.
Armagern is monitered closely to prevent any multi-user cheating.

Armagern's Game Goals:

Armagern has many goals that it strives to achieve in order to maintain a completely satisfying game experience. Here are just a few of the most important:

To create an entertaining game that submerges players into a whole new world.
While playing, we would like players to become deeply involved in the world of Armagern. Therefore, we attempt to keep player restrictions to a minimum. Players are free to explore the world of Armagern in the way that they see fit, without having to stick to a strict predecided storyline.
To allow players to play for as long as they like.
While the game does not require constant play or play for long periods of time, Armagern attempts to provide players with multiple activites that can keep them constantly entertained if they choose to do so.
To allow players to play whenever they like.
Nothing in the game is centered around a specific day of the week or time, so you can play when it suits you. That means you don't have to wake up at 2am so that you don't miss an activity, or you don't have to play on Saturdays because that's the only time a store is open.
To instill a strong sense of community and belonging throughout the players in the game.
By organizing players into clans, players can become part of groups of players that work together. Also, by providing multiple methods of community interaction, the community is strengthened as a whole.
To maintain an environment suitable for all ages.
While the content of Armagern provided by the game developers is always suitable for all ages, players in the game can also post messages that may not be. Therefore, Armagern uses both a strict language filter and a team of website monitors to ensure that any inappropriate material is removed from the game as soon as it is found or reported.

The Developer:

Hi, my name is James Reynolds. I started work on my game when I was in high school, and have only now managed to put it up on the internet. I have been programming since I was 10, and I wanted to put my skills into making something for others to enjoy. I like to think about many aspects of the game and be careful what I change, but i'm not always as thorough as i'd like to be, so if you find anything that you don't think is right let me know so I can change it.
Armagern first came about when I started noticing loads of games just wern't the way I thought they should be. I made notes about what would be good at holding a game together and built it up all the way from ground zero, mostly myself. I made a few versions of the game before i was happy enough to envest some cash into it and before too long (or was it? 907 days) a playable version only in english has been released. Armagern is based on games I used to play when I was younger, before I could afford a playstation and all that, and I hope you enjoy it - and help the text-based game world to continue on in a graphical game world. ^.^
Its been quite difficult getting Armagern known in the game world, and even getting Armagern up on Google! When my game was first launched I tried searching for it in Google, only to find it thought I had made a typo and meant Armagen (or a Armagertn / Armagetron / Armagent error), which wasn't a good start - but now you can find a range of websites incuding Armagern, Wiki and MMORPG Game Sites. First I used google to find the top hits for MMORPG game sites and then added my game into them, so that new players can find my game. Then I added in my own wiki and added links to my wiki on other relevant pages (like text-based mmorpg) which then lead google bot to it and then finally to my page! I also added my website into the google directory (which didn't work for ages) and put my game on facebook - so that there is a larger user-audience!
Please feel free to contact me! Peace!

The Armagern Team:

Lead by:
James 'Sidupac' Reynolds
Lora 'Harlii' Brearley
James 'Sidupac' Reynolds
Introductory Help, Ideas and Planning:
Lora 'Harlii' Brearley
Elizabeth 'Lizzifer' Reynolds
Forum Building:
Elizabeth 'Lizzifer' Reynolds
Lora 'Harlii' Brearley
James 'Sidupac' Reynolds
Nathan 'Tiger Man' Cunningham
Shell 'Fallen Angel'
Ian 'Hammy' Limacher
Kieran Biggs
Steve 'Oggily'
Shaun 'Sleck' Cooper
Dean 'Cyanied' Knight

Movies you should watch: Zeitgeist, The Business Behind Getting High, Fully Baked.